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Why Choose US Yang

Why Choose US Yang?

 i. Direct model, saving costs - vendors and buyers are directly connected, no middle trading companies gets involved, and channel costs get reduced.


 ii. Efficient communication - with most employees can speak both English and Chinese, US Yang can guarantee the efficiency of communication between companies in different language and culture world.


 iii. Quality control - US Yang has full time employees in China to inspect and make sure only qualified products on board.


 iv. Having fun while working - work is a big part of life, why not having some fun while working? People at US Yang are friendly and honest; we are here to be your friends first before we become partners.


Why still going through a trading company while you can directly buy from the mill at a lower price?

Why waste money to hire full time employees in China while you may only use them once or twice a year?

Why spending too much traveling money to China and still have no clue where to find the right vendor?


Work with US Yang, we are here to help!


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